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LTCOL JAMES R. BILBOW, USMCR coppia cerca donna Napoli FLIGHT LOG ID: 93

femme cherche femme a Boulogne-Billancourt Service Date In: 01/01/1942 coppia cerca donna Padova Service Date Out: 01/01/1983 coppia cerca donna Torino Date of Birth: 02/02/1923
homme cherche couple a Clermont-Ferrand Aviation Designation: FltEquip&MaintOfcr donna cerca uomo Modica City, State: Media, PA


WWII SW Pac, Korea


Associations/Service Organizations

Marine Corps Av Assn
MC Mustang Assn
MC Reserve Off. Assn
Fleet Reserve Assn

Significant Achievements

George Washington Honor Award Med. 1972 & 1977. Awarded Legion of Honor by Chapel of the Four Chaplains. Member of the Delaware Valley Historical Aircraft Assn.
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