Squadron Flight Log Entry

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man söker par i Närke Comission Place: Argentia, Newfoundland

http://no.dreamdateonline.com/par-sker-mann-i-stavanger/ par søker mann i Stavanger The Consolidated PBYs of VP-6 often sighted stranded vessels and crews that had sometimes been adrift for weeks in stormy seas. Two officers and twenty enlisted men on board the 110-foot British trawler HMS Strathella, disabled in a heavy storm, faced death after being adrift in the North Atlantic for over a month. They were dramatically rescued on 13 February 1944 by the combined efforts of a Coast Guard PBY-5A, piloted by Lieutenant Commander John D. McCubbin, on a routine air patrol to check ice conditions and deliver mail, and the Coast Guard cutter Madoc. Sighting a red flare in position 60

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