Squadron Flight Log Entry

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Comission Place: NAS Willow Grove, Pennsylvania


Patrol Squadron 66 (VP-66) was commissioned on 1 November 1970 at Naval Air Station, Willow Grove Pennsylvania, as part of the Naval Air Reserve. Initially composed of units relocated from NAS New York, VP-66 began with three active duty officers, 50 active duty enlisted personnel and approximately 300 selected reservists. In less than a year, the squadron’s combat readiness increased from last to first place among all Atlantic Fleet Reserve VP Squadrons, resulting in a special commendation from the Commander, Reserve Patrol Wing Atlantic. Although the squadron was originally known as the BOXCARS, in celebration of our Nation’s 200th anniversary and in recognition of the unit’s proximity to Philadelphia, VP-66 was renamed the LIBERTY BELLS in 1976.

Patrol Squadron 66 flew the Lockheed SP-2H Neptune aircraft until 1973, when the squadron transitioned to the Lockheed P-3A Orion. Since then, the Liberty Bells have flown the P-3B, the P-3C Update II, and completed transition to the P-3C Block Modification Upgrade Program (BMUP) aircraft in September of 2003. This weapons platform, with its dramatically increased Antisubmarine Warfare (ASW) and ocean-surveillance capabilities, enabled squadron aircrews to maintain a level of expertise and operational readiness equal to their active component counterparts.

VP-66 proudly achieved a major milestone on 17 November 1999. On that day, the squadron surpassed 100,000 mishap free flight hours during the course of its 29 years. A six-time recipient of the CNO Safety “S” Award, the squadron earned this honor in 1980, 1991, 1996, 1997, 1998 and 2001. In 1993, VP-66 was the recipient of the Noel Davis Battle “E” Award. The unit also received the 1984 and 1992 AVCM Donald M. Neal (Golden Wrench) Maintenance Award, the 1986 Retention Excellence Award and the 1988 Administrative Excellence Award. Additionally, VP-66 was awarded a Meritorious Unit Commendation in 1996 and won the 1997 International Maritime Patrol Aircraft Symposium Trophy for ASW excellence while competing against crews from five NATO nations and representatives from every active duty and reserve U.S. Navy P-3C squadron. VP-66 was also awarded the Armed Forces Service Medal (24 October-14 December 1996), and the Joint Meritorious Service Commendation for 1 January-31 December 1998. Among the more cherished accolades earned (because of its name), VP-66 brought home the Commander, Reserve Patrol Wing “Liberty Bell” Trophy for Tactical Excellence in October 2003, besting the six other reserve VP squadrons in a head-to-head tactical competition.

More recently, Annual Training found the Liberty Bells detached to El-Salvador, Ecuador, and Curacao in support of JIATF-South Counter Narcotic Operations during 2005. During that timeframe, several VP-66 crews were credited with locating drug-running vessels that were ultimately seized by authorities resulting in the seizure of 7.91 metric tons of cocaine with a street value of roughly $150 million. Also in that year, VP-66 was awarded the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal for contributing support to the Fleet. Selective Reservists provided 7500 hours of Operational Support Drills to the Fleet during 2004-2005.

Over the years, the citizen-Sailors of VP-66 were far more than weekend warriors. Squadron personnel operated and maintained as many as seven P-3C aircraft on a full-time basis, flying over 3000 hours annually in recent years. The squadron’s aircraft and 10 flight crews deployed worldwide with minimal advance notice. To enable the squadron to carry out missions around the clock, seven officers and 110 enlisted personnel were assigned full-time to the command. This permanent active duty cadre provided the training and administration for 50 officers and 136 enlisted personnel who made up the Selected Reserve segment of the squadron. The immensely successful efforts of the officers and sailors culminated in 111,854 Mishap-free flight hours over the life of the squadron.

On February 11, 2006, the squadron held a ceremony marking its disestablishment, which became effective 31 March 2006. This closure is in compliance with the Active Reserve Integration (ARI) plan. In CY 05, P-3 aircraft fatigue issues required the grounding of 30 aircraft necessitating an accelerated disestablishment plan to recapitalize scarce aircraft resources across the Maritime Patrol community. VP-66 transferred its complement of P-3C aircraft to fleet concentration areas in Florida, Maine and Washington. These transfers permitted significant enhancements to ARI and provided aircraft needed to continue flight training and overseas detachments. Along with the aircraft, VP-66 transferred many top quality people to the front lines of Naval service. The men and women of VP-66 will proudly carry the Liberty Bell legacy of excellence and service with them into the future through continued support to the fleet, their communities and families.


Name                                                              Rank                    Position                                                Call sign            Dates of Service         

Deloache                         Tim                          CDR                        CO                                                                                   1996-2005              

Jones                               Tom                         CAPT                      CO                                                                  

McMahon                        Donald C.                CAPT                      CO                                                                                   1993-2003              

Mitchell                             David M.                  CAPT                      CO                                                                                   1994-1999              

O'Brien                            Bill                            CAPT                      CO                                                                                   1978-1990              

Sloan                               Steve                       CAPT                      CO                                                                                   1993-2004              

Timmerman                      Claude                     CAPT                      CO                                                                                   1983-1993              

Wadkins                           James                      CAPT                      CO                                                                                   1980-1994              

Anderson                         William                      ATCS (AW)                                                                            Andy                1994-2003              

Andrews                          Mary Anne              LCDR                                                                                      Moonbeam      2005-2006              

Aragon          Gino                          AECS                      P3FE                                                                               1997-2006              

Armstrong                        Thomas W.              AOCS (AW/NAC) (RET)                                                                                 1970-1994              

Aronsson                         R.W.                        LCDR                                                                                      Bill                   

Barney                            Kirk                          LCDR                                                                                                              2002-2006              

Bass                                George T.                AWC (RET)                                                                                                     1980-2000              

Beauman                         James                      AMC (AW/SS)                                                                                                 1997-2006              

Beck                                Tom                         CDR                                                                                                                1996-2000              

Belaus                             Anthony V.               MS1                         Plank owner                                                   

Benton          John N.                    AT1(AW/NAC)         CAC-14                                                                           1985-1988              

Boer                                Robert                     AD2                         P3FE                                                       Sunshine         1975-1979              

Boutcher                          Walter                      AW3                                                                                                                 1970-1976              

Boyt                                 Jim                           LT                                                                                                                    2004-2006              

Branner                           Keith                        CDR                        PPC                                                         Opie                2002-2006              

Briggman Jr.                Thomas Jr.                  MSgt (RET) USAFR                                                               

Brown                              W. Shannon             CDR                        OIC                                                                                  2002-2004              

Brunner                           Robert                                                                                                                                            

Bruno                              Pete                         AEC                         P3FE                                                                               2000-2005              

Buckwalter                     Jerry                        AECS                                                                                                                Deceased        

Buyok                            Jeremy                    AM1(AW)                                                                                                           1999-2004              

Casanova, Jr.                  Louis                        AT2 (NAC)                                                                                                      1984-2001              

Case                                Raymond E.             AO1                                                                              Really Old Man              1996-2001              

Cawi                                Steven                     AT1(AW/NAC)                                                                                

Cesare                            Pat                           ADC                        Plane Captain,                                                                  1970-1973

 Cohn                               Garry L.                  MS1                                                                                                                  1971-1988              

Cook                                Benjamin D.             AO2(AW/NAC)                                                                               

Crandell                           Frank                       CWO4                      Last SelRes MMCO                                                          2003-2005              

Croyle                             Don                          AK2                                                                                                                   Deceased               

Curran                             Gordon                                                                                                                                           

Custer                              Jim                           CDR                                                                                                                 2005-2006              

Deangeles                       Anthony                   CS1                                                                                                                  1994-2006              

Deeney III                       John J.                     ADCS                                                                                             

DeMaio                            William                      AWCM(AW/NAC)                                                                                            2004-2006              

Desai                               Mark R.                   CDR                                                                                                                2002-2006              

Di Stefano Jr.                   Vince                       CDR                                                                                                                2004-2006              

Donahey                         Landon H.               AWC                                                                                                                1996-2006              

Eastabrooks                     Mark                        AOC                                                                                                                1993-97/ 2004-2006

Eaton                               Keith                        AW2(AW)                                                                                                         1997-2001              

Erdman                            James                      AWCS (NAC)                                                                          Jim                  1971-1981              

Evans                              Joseph                     ADR1                                                                                                              1970-1975              

Faragasso                       Keith                        AM1(AW)                                                                                                         1990-2006              

Fields                               Glenn L.                  AW1(AW/NAC)                                                                                                1993-2002              

Firmbach                         Gregory A.              LCDR                      PPC/PPIP/MC                                         Swamp Fox       1978-1986              

Foster                              Glen R.                    CDR                        TACCO                                                                           1979-1985              

Furia                                Joe                          LCDR                                                                                      Speedo           1994-1998              

Furtner                            Thomas F.               CDR                                                                                                                1993-2000              

Galloway          Earl                       CMDCM                                                                                                           2005-2006              

Gillen                               Alfred J.                   AMS2                                                                                          BIG AL         1970-1975              

Giordano                         Isabel R.                 CWO4                      Intel Officer                                                                       1985-1989              

Goodwin                          Charles                AWC(NAC)                                                                                  Charlie             1996-2006              

Goul                                 Steve                    AW1(AW/NAC)                                                                                                    1991-2006              

Hable                               Dan                      CDR                                                                                            FIXO                1994-2005              

Haloburdo                       Donald                  CDR                         &nb

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