Distance Learning

The Interactive Technology Center (ITC)

The Interactive Technology Center (ITC) is a prototype, distance-learning classroom equipped with state of the art technology. The ITC delivers lessons via web-based videos-on-demand. As an educational outreach program, the purpose of the ITC is to deliver the principles of mathematics and science behind flight to our teachers and students, and complements the current Flight Adventure Deck program.

The video-on-demand player requires Internet Explorer and a Vbrick ActiveX plug in to be downloaded and installed before any video will play.

Contact Matt Vickers ( mvickers@navalaviationmuseum.org ) for more information on accessing ITC videos-on-demand.

Video-On-Demand Courses

Mass and Weight
Glenn Rutland explains how the mass and weight of an object is directly related to the gravitational pull of the planet that the mass is on.
Activity Sheet: Lesson 1

Air Pressure and Altitude
Sandra Porras explains the relationship between air pressure and altitude.
Activity Sheet: Lesson 2

Air Pressure
Glenn Rutland
Activity Sheet: Lesson 3

Lighter Than Air
Sandra Porras explores what it means to be “Lighter than Air.” For this lesson, you will need a calculator, the activity page below and a pen or pencil.
Activity Sheet: Lesson 4

Glenn Rutland uses a container filled with water and a small Cartesian diver to help you better understand Archimedes’ principle of buoyancy and gas volume vs. pressure (Boyles Law).
Activity Sheet: Lesson 5

Sam Shilling discusses changes in air pressure – highs and lows, with their comings and goings, are our major weather markers. Please download the Pressure Block Instructions and complete the exercise before watching this lesson.

Sandra Porras
Activity Sheet: Lesson 7
Answer Key: Lesson 7 Key

X-Stream Science

Further, the Naval Aviation Museum Foundation Education Department has partnered with UWF Public Media to create a series of STEM episodes, X-Stream Science. Each episode contains teacher/student support documents and an unique perspective of STEM learning.

Lesson 1 – Air Pressure Vs. Altitude

Lesson 2 – 2001 Space Weight Plan

Lesson 3 – Convection Connection

Lesson 4 – Atmosphere Pie

Lesson 5 – The Montgolfier Brothers: First Flight

Lesson 6 – Parts of the Airplane

Lesson 7 – States of Matter

Lesson 8 – Aerostatics vs. Aerodynamics

Lesson 9 – Staying In Control

For problems with accessing these sites, please contact Matt Vickers at (850) 453-2389, extension 3252.